Commercial Leasing Guide

Comprehensive Guide for Commercial and Retail Leasing

Looking to lease commercial or retail space in your Australia?

Our lease lawyers have written this comprehensive and free guide to help you understand the complexities involved in commercial leasing.

Our guides to retail and commercial leasing are for anyone involved in leasing. Whether you are a tenant, landlord or leasing agent it covers a mix of legal and practical advice to help you be fully informed.

Who Can Benefit from This Guide?

Landlords & Tenants:

No matter if you are a new tenant or an experienced landlord, this guide will provide valuable insight for anyone who is involved in retail or commercial leasing.

Skilled Negotiation:

Ideal if you are a business owner who wants to know more about the leasing landscape in your operation.

Real Estate professionals:

A useful resource for professionals who want to enhance their knowledge of commercial and retail leases.

Who Can Benefit from This Guide?

Lease Essentials

Lease Negotiation:  Get informed before you start Lease Negotiations with Key Strategies and Tips.

Market Analysis: Recognise the importance of market analysis in choosing the right premises.

Understanding the Market

Business Planning & Vacancy Rates: Understand the dynamics of your market and develop a solid business plan.

Record-Keeping & Intended Usage: Discover the importance of maintaining good records as well as clarifying the intended uses of your property.

Property insights: Discover various aspects, such as the state of the property, the building rules, and how important it is to know your neighbours.

Insurance & Incentives: Understand insurance requirements and learn more about leasing incentives.

Fit out and Rates Get an insight into the fit-out options and per square meter prices.

The Lease Agreement

Due diligence & Heads-of Agreement: An important part of due diligence is drafting an effective Heads of Agreement.

Retail Lease Agreements. An overview on what a lease agreements entail.

Director’s & personal Guarantees: Know the implications of guarantees when leasing.

Security Deposits – Learn about the purpose and requirements for security deposits.

Lease transfers: Guidelines regarding lease assignments, subleasing and lease transfers.

Understanding Make Good: Understand “make-good” and what to anticipate.

Options & Rent Revisions: Strategies and options for managing rent reviews.

Understanding fees, legal costs, and outgoings: Breakdown of all associated leasing costs.

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Be informed and confident as you embark on your leasing journey. Download our comprehensive guide for commercial or retail leases now to help you navigate the leasing industry with ease. 

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