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Disclosure Statements

Disclosure Statements


The landlord has an obligation to provide you with a disclosure statement prior to entering into a retail lease

A retail lease is a lease which relates to the following type of premises:

defined in the Retail Leases Act).

We generally provide advice to tenants in this area when prior to entering into a new lease as the landlord must provide you with a copy upfront.

We also provide advice to tenants about disclcosure statements in the context of a landlord providing misleading information. There can be various remedies open to a tenant, including termation of the lease and compensation.

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PCL Lawyers can provide you with assistance in drafting a Disclosure Statement that will ensure that you, as a Landlord, are fully compliant with the new provisions.

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The Disclosure Statement applied to retail leases. Its purpose is provide give information to the tenant about what is in the lease, including such matters aa:

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It is critical that as a landlord you provide an accurate disclosure statement to a tenant.

Our service is streamlined and you can be sure that your document will be correctly drafted. We are continually drafting disclosure statements for and on behalf of landlords. We would also be happy to help you.

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