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Lease Negotiation

Lease Negotiation

We have considerable experience in negotiating on behalf of landlords and tenants in relation to new leases, variations to leases and lease disputes.

In our experience, both landlords and tenants value honest, upfront negotiations – whether it is negotiating the terms of a new lease – or whether there is a negotiation taking place “mid-lease”. Thinking “win-win” will usually be the better practical approach.

Lease Negotiation Generally

The commercial lease arrangement is rarely short term and usually medium to long term. Matters agreed to at the start will apply down the track and will may have a direct impact on your business. A lack of consideration at the start can be disastrous – we know this because we frequently have clients coming to us with leases that were drafted by other professionals not skilled on this area (or themselves), once the dispute is upon them. Good negotiation upfront will generally alleviate or at least minimise the impact of changing circumstances later on.


When we act for landlords, we consider the issues that are relevant to our landlords.

We have experience in drafting just about everything type of land lease imaginable and can negotiate with other stakeholders on your behalf.


When we act for the tenant, we think about how the lease provided by the landlord addresses the needs of the tenant.

With the proper legal advice, the tenant be empowered – which will typically result in a lease that excludes otherwise disadvantageous clause and adequately protects your interests. This is particularly important when negotiating with the letting agent or the landlord’s solicitors.

There are several matters that a tenant should consider before signing a lease, including rent free periods, options for further terms and the various special conditions in most leases, to name just a few.

We Can Help…

An experienced commercial leasing lawyer negotiating on your behalf will know how hard to push and what should be expected from the lease negotiations.

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