Lease Negotiation

We have considerable experience in negotiating on behalf of landlords and retail & commercial tenants in relation to new leases, variations to leases and lease disputes.

Whether it is negotiating the terms of a new lease – or there is a negotiation taking place “mid-lease” our lawyers can help you devise a strategy and approach for the negotiations. Getting expert advice on lease negotiations will help you be more prepared during the negotiation stages. Commercial leases are quite often packaged up differently depending on the type of property and market conditions.

We routinely deal with landlords, retail & commercial tenants and leasing agents, so our experience is commercially beneficial to you. For our clients we look to simplify the process and work to achieve the best possible outcome for the interim, and the long term. When you are negotiating a new lease, the terms you are agreeing to won’t take effect for months or even years.

Whether you are a small retailer or café owner, or you are in manufacturing or a shopping centre landlord, we can help with any lease negotiation queries you may have.

Lease Negotiations Generally

The retail or commercial lease arrangement is rarely short term, more frequently medium to long term. Conditions agreed to at the start of your lease will apply down the track, and may have a direct impact on your business. A lack of consideration at the start, can be disastrous – we know this as we frequently have clients coming to us with commercial leases that were drafted by professionals not skilled in this area, once the client is faced with a dispute. Good negotiation upfront will generally alleviate or at least minimise the impact of changing circumstances later on.

For More relevant informationAre you a Tenant or a landlord?


While you may have a very good idea about the commercial deal you want, seasoned lease lawyers will help you negotiate and document the best deal possible.




As a retail or commercial landlord, negotiating the right terms in the lease is important to give you maximum protection and increase the value of your investment.


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