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Rent Determination

Rent Determination

Rent review disputes are quite common. They arise as a result of one party to the lease – usually the landlord – seeking to adjust the rent pursuant to the market review clause.

Landlords will often want to push the rent higher to a level they consider fair but the tenant is not obligated to accept this If the parties cannot work it out, generally a valuer will be appointed to make a determination as to what the new rent will be. The rent can in recessionary times be reduced and a retail lease cannot include a clause to prevent that or it will be disregarded.

In the more common example of the landlord wanting to raise the rent in a rising market, a tenant will be well served to approach the landlord before exercising the option.

We can assist tenants in negotiating the optimum outcome in a rent review dispute. Landlord reviews never just have to be accepted. We can assist in advising you as to your options.

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