Concise Leasing Advice. Commercial Understanding

We are experts in commercial leasing law.

We provide commercial lease advice in all Australian states. Our leasing team has multi-jurisdictional experience.

We can advise you in three ways:

  • 01. Face to Face Meeting in person
  • 02. Face to Face meeting via Skype or Facetime (this is popular with our many regional and intertstate clients).
  • 03. Written advice

Why Choose Our Lease Lawyers?

  • Our team of lease lawyers have experience in all areas of lease preparation advice, negotiation, leases disputes and lease litigation
  • We will advise you in a straightforward way as to your legal rights and obligations
  • We know the law – and so we should.; but we are also.
  • We practice in all Australian states
  • We are commercially savvy – our clients value our commercial understanding. This tends to lead to better outcomes for our clients.

Interested in engaging our services now?

Call us on 1300 907 335 or complete the contact form on this page.

Put down one side on the main page the types of premises we look after: long long list….google types of premises:

  • Retail shops of all types – major shopping centre
  • Retail shops of all types – small shopping centre
  • Factories
  • Service Stations
  • Warehouses
  • Small offices
  • Large offices and multiple floor tenancies
  • Indusgtrial Premises
  • Yards

Entering into a commercial lease relationship is not about a single event but a long term relationship.

How do you make sure your interests as a tenant are protected?

Commercial interests which are best protected by proper consideration of individual circumstances.

The is critical because landlords typically seek to protect their own interests – not those of the tenant

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