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Commercial Lease Agreement

Commercial Lease Agreement


The relationship between a landlord and tenant is one that tends to be disadvantageous to the tenant. This is because leases are drafted in favour of a landlord as much as possible (and we should know because we draft them) – built as a tenant, you have the right to negotiate the lease agreement.

You ideally want to ensure that the lease is reflects your interest and that you are not inadvertently entering into a long term contractual arrangement that comes back to bit you later on. We have many tenants come to us with issues mid-lease that could have been prevented has they received competent legal advice upfront.

When tenants come to us before they sign, we can review the lease, provide advice as to what clauses should stay, what should be amended and otherwise what various clauses in the lease mean. Having advised on and negotiated so many leases over the years we know what to look and we can give you options that will better protect you down the track.

We say this because in our experience, there is a lot of focus on “getting the deal done” – which is of course very important – but in our experience there is enormous value in thinking through how the exclusion or inclusion of particular clauses later on, during the lease and at the end of the lease, will affect you. To consider these matters and negotiate the lease agreement accordingly will probably save you a fortune later on.

Some matters that may be include in the agreement:

  • Rent-free periods
  • The exact use of the premises
  • Options for further terms
  • Rent Review
  • Make Good

…and much more.

Why Choose Us ToHelp…

Quite simply, because we know what we are doing and we have extensive leasing experience. We want to be sure that as a tenant that understand the document you are signing and that it is the right leasing arrangement for you: and if it’s not, we’ll help persuade the landlord to change it for you.Landlords will usually be open to modifying their standard lease in order to get the deal done.

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Experienced landlords know the value in a well-negotiated lease agreement where both the general conditions and the special conditions have been thought through carefully. The right lease conditions will provide a landlord with better control and more flexibility. Furthermore, an organised approach sends the right message to the prospective tenant – namely that you are organised and professional. In our experience, this leads to a better least relationship and clarity about your expectations.

We have considerable experience in negotiating and representing every type of landlord, including those who lease out:

  • Shopping Centres – major multi-tenant malls
  • Shopping Centres –shopping strips
  • Retail Shops
  • Factories
  • Offices
  • Industrial – including factories and warehouses
  • Service Stations
  • Vacant lots

We know the law, know how to negotiate leases agreements effectively and to provide timely advice about different options and we are most certainly commercially minded. We can help you put the deal together with the view to keeping it together, balanced with the need to carefully protect your legal interests. We are determined to get things right the first time and without fuss.

We believe that we are the first choice of so many landlords – whether the large scale landowner or the landlord that owns a single property because we get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively.

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